Manufacturing Process

In order to ensure the GEEC quality for all manufactured products, the company employs state-of-the-art machines, a variety of skilled mechanical engineers and technicians and the most stringent safety standards as well.


The car frame (car sling) is the gear where the cabin is placed on. It is manufactured by metal sections of capable cross-section, in order to achieve suspension of the equivalent loads, in accordance with the safety factor required by the regulations
Each type has special characteristics, depending to the type of suspension that is selected.

The braces, the base and the safety gear are the main components of the car frame. The braces are the body of the car frame, where the base supporting the cabins is placed. The safety gear on the other hand, is used for the stopping of the cabin, in case of a loosening or a breaking of the wire ropes. Finally, the base, the horizontal part of the car frame, is designed in such a way that it can have the required endurance to the weight of the cabin and the loads carried.

The braces, the bases and a range of special components as well, are manufactured in the special production line of standardized products. Afterwards, they are forwarded to the dye line where they are diligently dyed. According to the details of each order, all required components are forwarded to the place of assembly, composing thus a complete car frame. After the quality control of all assemblies that make up the car frame, the packaging into wooden boxes follows up, and the forwarding, next to the dispatch store room, along with the envelope of technical characteristics, instructions of installation and customer data.


An important part of the activity of the company is the manufacture of cabins. It is a product fully compatible with the rest of the GEEC components. It is manufactured from the best quality materials.
Its' manufacture has partial standardization in order to be adjusted to the demands of each customer with regard to manufacturing and design.

There are three categories of cabins:
  • • Passenger cabins,
  • • Panoramic
  • • Cargo lifts cabins

GEEC Cabins are distinguished for their firmness, their security and sound-proofing.
In the engineering of the materials, state-of-the-art machines are used in order to achieve absolute accuracy throughout the manufacturing process (metal sheets specially cut and treated with Punching and CNC bending machines,), and in order to reach the final assembling stage.
Quality control, finally, guarantees the excellent quality of the GEEC cabins. After this stage, the dismantling and storing follows up, before the delivery to the customer


The GEEC control panels, are products of high technology imported directly from Fuji Japan.

Their manufacturing requires delicate handling, since the panel is directly connected with the safety of the passengers as well as the installers - maintenance. The excellent operation is achieved by a range of scrutinizing control checks throughout the manufacturing process in compliance with the most stringent standards defined by the European rules and regulations.

The works that are performed throughout its manufacturing process could be grouped in 5 stages.

  • Stage 1 Program the control panel according to the need of the specific project is about to be send
  • Stage 2 . Arrange for all cables (cut and fit)
  • Stage 3 . Assembly the COP and HIB according to projects needs
  • Stage 4 . At this stage all possibilities of the panel are checked, after it has been previously programmed in accordance with the technical requirements of the work it will be applied to. This particular process is carried out by an expert mechanic and contributes as an important factor for the providing of excellent quality for the electrical material required at the elevator of GEEC.
  • Stage 5 After the complete control of all capabilities, the panels are forwarded to the package department.



The first stage of the manufacture of a door starts with the Trumpf multi-press (punching machine) manufactured in Germany. 80% of the components that compose the door is manufactured there (eg. braces, header, sill support).

At the second stage of manufacture, the components are forwarded to Bending machines of various tons. Afterwards, the components, formed as frames, are forwarded to the final assembly area for the final stage. Then the Quality control will pass to check and give the final approval.
At the end the final product is forwarded to the packing department.


Quality control is carried out throughout all stages of the product manufacturing process, it is fully integrated in the company's system and is performed is performed by the company's certified and specialized quality control inspectors. GEEC's quality control is carried out on incoming raw materials and components, intermediate products and the finished lift products. Suppliers are chosen based on strict standards and are evaluated annually. Sample quality control checks are performed on semi-intermediate and intermediate products, while complete checks are performed on the finished product.

Complete quality control checks are performed on all lift products subsystems. The results are recorded in order to ensure excellent elevator product quality. The quality control results are evaluated and corrective measures are carried out if required.

Within the context of its quality policy, GEEC commits itself to designing, manufacturing and offering its customers certified superior quality products and services. The implemented Quality Assurance System meets all safety and quality requirements as provided by European legislation. This System is in compliance with:

  • • EN ISO 9001: 2008 requirements
  • • Lift Directive 95/16/EC, Annexes XIII and VIII, Module H and E

GEEC sets a high value on providing certified lift products and services of high quality and reliability.

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