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A New Series for Home Elevators

ElevHome is a technologically advanced home elevator developed by Gulf Elevators & Escalators Co, Ltd. (Saudi Arabia). It utilizes the state-of-the-art ultra slim permanent magnet gearless traction machine, which is perfect for installing in any type of residential buildings or home villas without the need for conventional machine rooms and with eco-friendly oil-free gearless traction machine.

ElevHome requires small powered machine with integrated VVVF control system that reduces power consumption while maintaining its levelling accuracy and riding comfort. This innovative technology made Fuji Elevators the leader in the elevator industry.

ElevHome provides an excellent sense of luxury and comfort that provides you this great life’s satisfaction in a special place you call HOME.

Environmentally Friendly Product and energy saving

It utilizes permanent magnet gearless traction machine with motor capacity less than 1.1 kW, its power consumption is equal to that of a regular appliance such as an air -conditioner, for example.

Intelligent drive with smart Integrated controller system

VVVF vector control drive gives the best operating efficiency and saves 40% of energy consumption. Low noise and vibration gives the smooth riding comfort and accurate leveling.

LED lighting and green technologies

Integrated ceiling with 1.8D lighting system whirls saves energy open 110%. Automatic power cut-off for lighting and fan in the cabin after it is idle for 5 minutes.

Automatic rescue with UPS backup

When powe r failure occu rs at home, the elevator automatically travels to the nearest floor and subsequently opening the doors for the passengers.

Various Door Entrance Designs

Narrow jamb (model E-70) with hairline stainless steel is provided as standard door entrance design. Narrow jamb (model E-72) is equipped with built-in hall position indication and push buttons Optional wide jamb with splayed design (model E-300) is available.

Cabin walls in stainless steel plate, and doors with visual safety glass panels, reflects the elegant and refreshing style of modern design

Cabin ceilings with the combination of painted steel frame designs and LED lighting under milky acrylic panels or LED spotlights

  • CS-406
  • CS-405
  • CS-404
  • CS-403

Car operating panel with hairline stainless steel finishes complete with user-friendly buttons and eyecatching emergency buttons


Luxury wall surface mounted position indicator with LCD display or LED dot matrix display finished with glass panel and touch buttons

  • HIP-GS
  • HIP-GD

Handrails are optional to be added to the cabin walls: single metal tube with sub -brightness in silver or titanium gold, or three metal tubes to be selected

  • YD-001
  • YD-002
  • YD-003

Standard flooring with 2mm durable PVC vinyl tiles

Optional flooring design with marble by others

There are various types of high Quality of stainless steel with etched patterns to be selected for car panels and door panels finishes

  • Hairline Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
  • Titanium Hairline
  • Mirror Stainless Steel
  • Bass Canvas Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Etched(HY003)
  • Stainless Steel Etched(HY005)
  • Stainless Steel Etched(HY0034)
  • Stainless Steel Etched(HY0085)
Operational and Service Features

  • Power on re-levelling
  • Self-rescue safe landing
  • Next floor landing
  • Overload holding open
  • Reverse car call cancelling
  • Terminal floor car call cancelling
  • Car call erasing
  • Jammed button detection
  • BMS Interfacing
  • Car light/fan auto shut off
  • Homing operation
  • Schedule parking
  • Fire emergency return
  • Direct landing
  • Latest error reporting
Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Variable door closing time
  • Adaptive door speed control
  • Door reopen with hall button
  • Door open/close repeating
  • Door overload protection
  • Car roll back protection
  • Multi-beam door reopen
  • Electronic car arrival chime
  • Four ways intercom system
  • Emergency car lighting
  • Automatic rescue with UPS
  • Dot matrix scrolling display
  • LCD display and touch button (optional)
  • Voice synthesizer (optional)
  • Door open extension button (optional)
Part NameFUJI MRL Home Elevator
Model ElevHome
Introduction The FUJI MRL type home elevator – ElevHome has utilized the advanced technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor in the gearless traction machine which consumes less power and zero pollution to the environment. ElevHome uses the latest technology of integrated control system, an innovative technology making Fuji home elevators the leader in the elevator industries. The rated capacity is ranging from 225kg to 400kg which is equivalent to the number of person from 3 to 5. Due to the compact design of ElevHome, the minimum required hoistway shaft width is only 1450mm, and the depth is from 1500mm. Most importantly the overhead height and lift pit depth have significantly reduced as compared to the conventional type of traction home elevators. The minimum overhead height is 2900mm while the pit depth is merely 450mm.
Basic Features Control Method VVVF Simplex Collective
Speed 0.4 m/s (24 mpm)
Maximum Floor 4
Type of Machine Permanent Magnet Gearless Traction Machine
Machine Location Sitting on top of both car and counterweight guiderails
Communication CAN BUS Serial Communication
Leveling Precision ≤ 3 mm
Drive Features Control Method VVVF Close loop vector control
Speed Control Range 1:1000
Speed Control Accuracy ±0.05% (25°C ± 10°C)
Torque Accuracy ±5%
Overload Capacity 150% rated current 60 sec; 180% rated current 10 sec
Start Up Torque 180% rated current 0 Hz
Main Protection Over Current Stops when current exceeds 200% rated output current
Over Load Stops at 150% of rated current for 60s or 180% of rated current for 10s
Over Voltage Stops when main bus voltage over 789V (400V level)
Under Voltage Stops when main bus voltage is lower than 380V (400V level)
Motor Protection Protects through electric heat sensor
Phase Lost Protects while input/output power loose phase
Door Interlock Fault Protects while door interlock circuit breaks during operation
Safety Circuit Fault Protects while safety circuit breaks during elevator operation
Brake Circuit Fault Protects when no feedback signal from brake arms after giving brake open signal

Technical Specification

ElevHome Model FEH225320400
Rated Load (kg) 225 320 400
Number of Persons 3 4 5
Car Internal Size, CW x CD (mm) 850 x 1150 900 x 1150 950 x 1150
Car Internal Height (mm) 2100 / 2200*
Hoistway Internal Size, HW x HD (mm) (Single) 1400 x 1450 1500 x 1450 1500 x 1450
Hoistway Internal Size, HW x HD (mm) (Through) 1400 x 1600 1500 x 1600 1500 x 1600
Door Opening Size, DO (mm) 700 800
Door Height, DH (mm) 2000 / 2100*
Door Opening Type Two panels side opening with vision panels
Minimum Overhead, OH (mm) 2800 / 2900*
Minimum Pit Depth, PD (mm) 450
Maximum Travel Height, TR (mm) 15000
Motor Capacity (kW) 0.8 0.8 1.1
Power Supply Source 3-phase, AC 380~415V or AC 220~240V, 50/60 Hz
Lighting Power Source AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz

* Standard Car internal height is 2100, optional for car internal height 2200

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