Product Range

  • Galvanized construction
  • Short delivery and installation times
  • Pre -assembled plug-in controllers


90% of our service lifts are made from pre -installed components. Therefore the Installation times are reduced on site by 50%. Thanks to a ingenious method of construction our service lifts can be used for almost any purpose and canbe made according to your specification

Standard Features


Galvanized steel structure made of cold rolled special profiles, pre-installed with T-guide rails T 45X5 + plastic trucking in 2 meters sections


It Is made of folded galvanized steel sheets, centered suspension, guided on both sides with adjustable guide shoes. All units serving on counter height are to be supplied with a removable shelf included. Increments of 50 mm available.


Landing doors are made of galvanized steel in accordance to DIN 18092 as a bi-parting, single or double hinged type available, production controlled by TUV-authorities. Door locks type-tested by TUV-authorities. Bi-parting doors suspended with 2 high flexible steel ropes, guided with aluminum sheaves in cage. All doors with pre-installed frame surrounds for easy installation.


  1. 50 and 100 kg capacities with sheave drive for 2 or 3 ropes.
  2. 200 and 300 kg capacities with chain drive for 2 chains.
  3. High quality reduction gear with motor, magnetic disc brake and handwheel.
  4. Insulation class IP 54.


  1. Micro-processor based lift controller
  2. High safety standard achieved using 24 volts on control circuit and buttons
  3. Prewired and plug-in-system > Call and send on each landing station
  4. Adjustable and time-limited dispatch delay device (up to 5 sec delay)
  5. Arrival buzzer and call signal
  6. Thermo motor protection as main switch pre-wired on control panel
  7. Position indicator on each landing station
  8. Overload protection inst. on control panel

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