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Saudi Arabia

Gulf Elevators & Escalators Co., Ltd Fuji was established in 1999, in technical collaboration with Fuji Elevator Japan, to manufacture, market, install & maintain Fuji Saudi Arabia branded elevators & escalators. Fuji became the first elevator manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia and Fuji Countries, upon the company’s establishment of its manufacturing facilities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The company had invested heavily into its manufacturing facilities and operations, combining its wealth of engineering knowledge and experience to transform its manufacturing facilities into a fully equipped modern assembly plant, complete with state of the art lines of production technology. A testing tower has been utilized by the well trained engineers of the R&D group, for continuous optimization of the products Design, Safety, and Quality. The technical support and cooperation of the Fuji Elevator of Japan, coupled with the company’s continuous commitment to Quality, Safety, and Reliability, helped to produce reliable product range from passenger, service, bed, freight, dumbwaiter, and home elevators. The Fuji Saudi Arabia’s elevators and escalators encompasses many of the common attributes of the demand of today’s modern society; such as safety, performance, and comfort. The company has achieved a sizeable market share in MENA region and positioned itself along the line of the world leading

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